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Properly store your potatoes and sweet potatoes

Many times we end up throwing away expired or poorly preserved food, a waste which is definitely unnecessary. Whether it is a long shelf life or a short one, every food can be stored taking full advantage of its shelf life.

Two favorite foods that we always have in our kitchen are the potato and the sweet potato.

The potato has a long shelf life, where under the right conditions, it can last a long time.

Since it is a food that is grown twice a year, then its shelf life should be proportional. One practice followed in the households was to preserve the potato with lime in a shady place so that they would not to throw a shoot.

Today it is a very good practice to store in a shady, dry but well ventilated environment, covered with burlap or other cotton cloth. The cover protects from light and dust, but also allows the root to breathe.

This way you will have potatoes in excellent condition, even for 2 months without lime of course!

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