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Everything about Molasses

Molasses is a natural product which is extracted from sugar cane, during the processing for the extraction of white sugar. It is a sweetener, thick and dark syrup, which now finds applications in both cooking, cosmetic and therapeutic uses! It is considered a superfood, as 300 grams of molasses...

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The basic principles of herbs intake

The consumption of various herbs, whether for therapeutic or preventive purposes, must always be done properly and in moderation. The analysis of the correct dosage for children, adults and pregnant women will follow in an article on the proper use of herbs. But proper consumption is not limited...

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Homemade shampoo without chemicals

It is now known that commercial shampoos contain many chemical ingredients which of course we are used to without realizing the damage they can cause to our body. An herbal shampoo with herbs may sound difficult to prepare, but in fact with a few ingredients you can make unique shampoos without burdening...

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