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Date paste for pleasures without guilt!

We saw it, tried it and share it with you for unique sweet pleasures without guilt! Homemade merenda as you will see, is one of the many and different recipes that we find, with one difference: it is completely healthy, has a low glycemic value and is suitable for vegetarians!

With easy and simple steps, you can have at home, a jar maybe much tastier than the classic hazelnut praline, to prepare a snack or an invigorating breakfast! The materials you will need are the following:

250 grams of seedless dates. Be careful not to have sugar in the dates as the standard ones usually contain. Dates are a very sweet and delicious dried fruit with a low glycemic index and great nutritional value.

150 grams of hazelnuts. Prefer if you have access, Greek hazelnut as it is tastier, more aromatic and bitter but a little more expensive.

250 ml of coconut milk or almond milk or oat milk, while if you are not interested in your merenda being exclusively vegetarian, you can also add milk.

70 grams of cocoa or 60 grams of cocoa and 20 grams of carob flour. Personally, I prefer the simplest recipes, so just adding cocoa is a unique result.

A pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of natural vanilla.

Optionally you can add honey, maple syrup, agave syrup etc. up to 100 grams. But I can tell you for sure that without the slightest addition of sweetener, it will not be missing from the recipe. If you want your date paste to be sweet, add up to 50 grams so that you do not miss the opportunity for sweet treats with low glycemic value!

The process is as simple as possible:

Put the dates spread in a pan with a little water just enough to cover them halfway and on high heat let them boil covered for 4 minutes. Set aside the dates to drain and put the hazelnuts in the blender (optionally you can roast them first). Leave them enough to rub well and slowly add the dates, milk, cocoa, vanilla and salt. If you try and think you want the paste to be sweeter, add honey or syrup of your choice!

Store in a glass jar that closes tightly, for a week! If the jar has been properly sterilized, you can keep it longer but never if you have used fresh milk!

This is a homemade treat that will become a habit for the whole family!

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