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Brown or white Rice?

Rice is practically the seed from the omonymous plants, while there are many varieties. It does not contain gluten, while whether it is unhealthy or healthy in our diet depends solely on the way we consume it (cooking – quantity) and the purpose.

For example, if you’re trying to build muscle, rice is an economical source of easily digestible carbohydrates and calories. If you lead a sedentary life, however, with a high consumption of carbohydrates, rice will not be an ally.

But let’s see what the difference is if you choose brown or white rice:

We constantly hear in recent years that brown rice is better than white, like whole grain bread than white, like whole grain spaghetti than classic, and this perception continues without a clear justification.

Oversimplifying and generalizing some things doesn’t help, so we will explain in simple words how brown rice differs from white rice!

When brown rice goes through the processing and cleaning process, only the outer husk of the seed is removed, resulting in it being harder, and darker in color, compared to white rice where it is completely hulled.

People with irritable bowels, or digestive problems, will find brown rice heavy and feel bloated so it’s best to avoid it. It is also always harder than white and needs more boiling.

But if you want to feel full for longer, and a food that is low on the glycemic index, then it is the most suitable choice. A cup of brown rice has about 45 more calories and 7 more carbohydrates than white rice. But it will keep you full for longer, won’t spike insulin levels after eating, and perhaps most importantly, it has:
more magnesium, more phosphorus, more potassium than white rice, while it also contains manganese, selenium and copper.

So it is purely a personal choice to eat brown or white rice. It is clear that brown rice, like white rice, does not suit everyone!

Choose without guilt, and with knowledge of the food you consume!

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